Every Girl is allowed to mark out a little

ok so tonight was the night of the WWE houseshow at stabler and boy was it great... i had this idea this morning to take this doggy that i had gotten from one of those build a bear work shops and dress it up like John Cena so i went to the mall and got a outfit that looks almost just like cena's and dressed it all up and what not and there was a recorded voice inside and i had it play john cena "If you want some Come get some". we went to the arena early and this arena you can actually meet the superstars when they show up like it's not caged off or anything and were waiting outside and John Cena shows up
so he gets all his stuff out of the car and then comes over and starts signing autographs i've met him before main thing i want is to give him this dog and get a picture with him cause my last picture got messed up my friend didn't know how to use my camera and cut off my head
so i'm like waiting trying to gently push my way over to where he is not like actually push more like moving really close and trying to get in any open space i find so i'm getting closer and closer and he walks away. so the crowd thins out a lil and i'm standing at the edge of the curb and cena's going to get his stuff and go in so i ask the security guard if he can give the dog to cena so the guard takes the dog and walks over to cena and one of the other guards takes it and holds it behind his back as he's walking infront of cena and cena like grabs the dog. i'm not sure what kinda of conversation went down but cena put his stuff down and started walking back over right to me and when he got over to me he asked me if it was for him to keep which it was so he gave me a big hug and thanked me and then i asked if i could get a picture with him so i got my picture with him can't wait to see it. so anyway were standing out there and my friend tells me that the one security guard was trying to get my attention and so i walk over and he's like first off thanks for the dog and then he asked me who i was waiting for and i told him i was just kinda hanging out to see who else was gonna show up and he told me that they were all basically there except for a few that were stuck on the highway and if they made it they did if not they were gonna do the show without them and that i should go in and get warmed up. so after a couple more minutes we walk to the front and go in so any way theres this one wrestler named Chris Masters and he has this submission move called the masterlock and theres this whole big thing about how no one can break it. well i know how you can cause we were talking about it at training the one day and so i had a sign that said "I Can Break The Masterlock" and when he came to the ring i held it up and he was standing in the corner and read it and him and i were like having a conversation( i was only third row) and he's like oh you think you can break it and i'm like nodding my head and was like you and me one on one and he was talking back and stuff like i couldn't which was funny. anyway though after the show we were standing outside and the ring announcer and one of the commentary guys came over and signed autographs Jason Roberts and Coach(remember that name). so cena comes out and he doesn't sign anymore autographs he had a steel cage match and it was kinda brutal so anyway he drives away and guess what is in his passenger seat.... the doggy buckled and everything
so we were talking about going to get some food after the show and we were talking about how some of the wrestlers go to dennys and the diner and applebees. so we go to dennys and we dont' see any of them and dont' spot any in the diner from just driving by and so we decide to go to applebees. so were sitting there and the waiter asks us if were into wrestling and i'm like yea why are some of the guys here and he points over a couple tables and there sits Coach and he tells us how the miz and Chris masters are there too and how Tatanka was there earlier
we actually were leaving at the same time as coach cause it was like 1 am and they were closing. so were saying goodbye to him after my friend got an autograph and we were outside so i'm thinking you know what
and so i ask him "i have a question are you going to see Cena anytime soon" and he tells me that he'll see him tomorrow. i am like ok can you give him a message for me the dog i gave him actually talks, cause i forgot to tell him and i forgot to tell the security guard.
he starts telling me that cena was carrying around the dog with him after the show and that he still has it with him and everything
and he's like alright actually i'll call him right now
so he gets out his cell phone which is the same one i have
so coach calls him and he's telling me about how he's probably not gonna pick up cause he's probably in the middle of no where and doesn't have service
and then he starts talking and at first i thought he was leaving a voicemail and then you could tell there was someone talking on the other line and he's telling john that he's here with the young lady that gave him the dog and this that and the other thing and then he's like here i'm gonna put her on the phone!!!!
so he hands me the phone and i'm like hey and then i tell him about the dog and how it talks and he's says thanks and how he's gonna squeeze it real tight tonight
yea so i wish him a safe trip and good night and then
coach says good bye
and i thank the coach for doing that for me and give him a hug and then wish him a safe trip

Words from my Trainer

This is a convo i had with my trainer earlier and it really made my proud of my hard work:

Spaz [12:34 AM]: hey your wrestling
SkaterPrincess56 [12:34 AM]: i'm wrestling ??
Spaz [12:35 AM]: ya your fucking awsome training. I absolutley love your efforts
SkaterPrincess56 [12:35 AM]: thanks
Spaz [12:35 AM]: I hate chick wrestlering
SkaterPrincess56 [12:36 AM]: ..?
Spaz [12:36 AM]: usually it blows chunks as far as a wrestling match goes, nowadays you can find 1 chick per match thats decent, but rarely 2, youve hung in there more then 80% of teh guys I have attemped to train
SkaterPrincess56 [12:37 AM]: thanks
Spaz [12:37 AM]: you hang with it and you'll have a decent future in indy chick wrestling, and then again who knows how far you can go
SkaterPrincess56 [12:38 AM]: i love it more since i've started training and i'm not gonna let a few bumps and bruises stop me from doing what i love
Spaz [12:38 AM]: fucking ay awsome girly
SkaterPrincess56 [12:38 AM]: i mean i have the heart, dedication, passion, and the mindset to do it
SkaterPrincess56 [12:39 AM]: and i'm not gonna let the bruises or the rejection stoop me lol it'll only make me stronger
Spaz [12:39 AM]: you train more, you get your own style, get some matchs under your belt, I'm proud to say I trained ya

quick update

hey i thought i'd post a quick update before i have to make my way to class. so anyway college is going pretty well nothing much new there but moving on i gues i have a saturday off with nothing to do this weekend i think that's a first lol i don't know what i'm gonna go maybe shopping lol anyway today is a month that i've been with Bill :) i can't complain i havent' been this happy in a while and i think i deserve it lol anyway i better get my butt to class before i'm late


so i posted last night and i admit i was kinda emotinal but when i went to bed i literally broke down. i don't know what's wrong with me. i think maybe everything is taking it's toll on me, i'm getting frusterated about training and then trying to get everything paid for i mean if i'm driving 3 hours i want to at least be able to train i'm not spending the training money to go to shows i mean i don't mind going but i can do that outside of training i don't want to do it inplace of it. i don't know maybe i'm just blowing everything out of the water but it's driving me crazy i'm trying to do it all and i know i can but it seems like the more effort i try putting forth the more i crumble. i need to focus on three main things right now. School, training, and work. as bad as it sounds i've actually comtemplated leaving exxon to find something that pays better.i mean i love my job there but i mean i have a lot of crap i need to pay for and making 7 bucks an hour isn't really going to cut it.but then again if i leave there i might not find something as flexible as that job is *SIGH* i don't know what i'm gonna do why can't i just hit the lottery come on lol that would be the biggest help in the fricken world. but hey i guess everything can't be perfect. well i think i'm gonna go i'm so hungry so i think i'm gonna make myself some breakfast. later
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Feeling like Shit

Ok it's almost three am and even though sleep is high on my list right now i feel like shit and it seems that my whole world is slowly starting to crumble. Everytime it seems that i find a shred of happiness something comes and makes it all start to fade away. For whatever reason it seems that i can't stop crying and my heart actually hearts theres pains in my chest and i can't for the life of me sleep. I don't know what to do anymore i know what i want and i think i've reached a point where i don't know what i'm doing or what i'm supposed to do to get what i want. i'm not being spoiled like oh i get what i want i work to get what i want. *sighs* i don't get it why can't everything for once just go right, why can't everything just fall into place is that too much to ask for. maybe it is maybe i'm not allowed to be truly happy. Well i'm gonna try and get some sleep i have a 12 o clock Sociology class
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(no subject)

so i figure while i'm sitting here before class i'll write up a livejournal update that way i can just type it up when i get home. right now it's 11:55 So yea this past weekend.. saturday i fot out of work at 11 and then grabbed something to eat and then got on the road. i had been driving about 10 minutes when i realized i left my camera batteries charging at work so i turned around to go get them. while i was there Skip, one of the propane guy's brought to my attention that there was only about 15 pounds of pressure in my tire so he told me to pull around to the side and he's fill it for me. so after he filled them on i hit the road once again. i was making good time until i hit construction it took about 45 minutes because know one knows how to merge so anyway it took me about 4 hours to get down to maryland and down to Bill's house when i got there we hung out for a liitle with Bobby going through Bill's wrestling tapes We then left and headed to Cracker Barrel to get something to eat before the show. After wards we went to superfreash to meet up with Bill's friend Chase and his girlfriend Erika. Once we met up we went to the show and got our tickets and stood in line until they opened the gates. We went got seats and walked around a little until the show started. The show was pretty good it was my first outside wwe show so it was definitly different. We were supposed to go out after the show with Simon Dean, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina and maybe a few others but Bill's friend never called so those plans fell through. Instead we went to T.G.I.Fridays and got dinner. it was fun because throughout dinner Bill was making Prank calls in different wrestler's voices and the guys were all making jokes. Sunday was basically a lazy day do to Scott cancelling training becasue of a family picnic. So me and Bill just laid around his house same with monday morning. I left his house at 11 and on the way home i hit the Harrisburg mall which surprisingly didn't have that many stores when i got closer to my house i stopped at the P-Burg mall which is apparently getting a Hot Topic which is pretty awesome. shortly after i got home Steph called me asking me if i could come in a little early because she was tired from working with Josh and having to do everything. So i went in at 6:30. tuesday wasn't too bad i had psychology and then me and Steve hung out for a little bit got something to eat and then hung out at walmart playing with all the kiddie toys well i gotta go write more later

finally am update

OK so it's monday first day of college wasn't too bad i went to high school with the one girl in my class so it's nice to know some one. the valet training is going pretty well theres supposed to be some 5SW shows coming up in the next months KCW is running a show this weekend so i'll be making the trek down to maryland to ride into the KCW with my Baby hee hee. on that note things are going pretty well with him. It's nice not to have a guy going psycho on me. lol But he's a total sweetheart, and he's funny and caring and *sighs* well lets just say i can't go wrong lol all in all a good guy so yea moving on i can't believe summer is over already it went by so fast i swear well i'm gonna go i have an 8am psychology class tomorrow morning lol that should be fun

"Live for the sake of living
love 'till ur heart is breaking
give your all and don't hold back
tell the truth and don't forget to
laugh 'till your bodys aching
cry untill your hands are shaking
where ever you go
whatever you do
don't live a whatever life"
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I realized something today. I think this is one of those epiphanys people talk about. I woke up early and figured I'd make some coffee and then sit outside watching the sunrise. While this is good in theory it ended differently than expected. By the time I was done watching the sunrise I was in tears, why you ask? Well I just realized something. I realized how happy I am right now. How everything I want is coming together right now. I mean with everything I'm starting school in a little over a week, I can't tell you how much I love the valeting and training, and I have a great guy. One thing I've noticed about training though is that I spend countless hours watching the guys in the ring training, learning new moves, I think I've gotten to the point where I'm getting sick of it and I think instead of watching it I'd rather be doing it. It's funny I think something Bobby said at training this past week really struck a nerve. We were training and he made the comment: "Wrestlers make the best valets." When I first started I wanted to be a wrestler but then I didn't think I'd be able to do it so I said well I'll just valet. Fuck that I can do what ever the hell I set out to do and I damn well know that. I think I'm at the point of not caring, so once again I'm gonna push myself and get what I want because that's the only way I'm gonna be truly happy, well I guess I should say happier. I guess in a bird's eye view, It took serenity and a beautiful sunrise to realize how lucky I am and what I really wanna do with my life. Although I know it's not going to be an easy road I'm willing to accept the challenge and put all my effort into making it happen. You only live once and theres no sense wasting it. With that all being said I think I'm going to climb back into bed and sleep for a little while longer.
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finally a real update

well it's been a while so where do i start.. well training is going well i really have to say i am always ready for sunday not only is the training great but i love the company well minus someone who will remain nameless. last week i attended my first KCW show i have to say i was pleasently pleased the only think i wasn't too fond of was the I Quit match which i don't think anyone was for. it was really cool to see Bill Bain and Bobby Shields wrestle after seeing them do practice matches during training it was also nice to finally get to see Scott wrestle Julio i've heard so much about their matches together and i have to admit the hype is right. i think i might go see the dukes of hazzard movie when it comes out or is it out hmm i don't know i don't have that much time to pay attention to the tv i was surprised i actually got to catch an entire episode of Smackdown i can't tell you the last time i watched the whole thing i mean even when i was there i just set up the tape and ended up falling asleep halfway through oh well not like i hadn't seen it before. ewww distrubing thought the person who is remaining nameless tope he that he taped the one episode of smackdown so he could see me like every night EWWW creepy stalker guy i got a little burnt today but it should clear up soon i got two new pairs of shoes they are so cute new sandals and new heels and i only spent 15 bucks sweet deal i can't wait to see that special someone this weekend hee hee hee i'm excitedcause it's almost saturday i have to try and figure out what i'm gonna be wearing for when i valet hmm that's hard esp. cause i probably don't need to go out and buy anything new cause of the endless supply of clothes i have in my wardrobe esp the countless shirts i haven't even wore lol well moving on i wonder if theres anything on tv right now probably only those bad adult movies that really suck and are annoying lol don't ask maybe i'll just read i read too fast i'm over half way through Guitar Girl which i'm finding really good i read another god book called Faking 19 i have one more book called Spark and Burn with is about Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer cause we all know about my love for BTVS hee hee i thought about going to the buffy con this year but everyone is cancelling so i'm gonna pass maybe next year if they have a good line up like maybe if james and the trio come back i miss adam he was a real sweetie i still wish i could have gotten a picture with him instead of just of him but all in all that was a great time and i made a good friend alright well i think i'm gonna go soon cause i don't really have much more to write about at least not right now ta ta for now *muah* ;) you know you love me ;)
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This song describes the way I feel right now

Never gonna be in movies
Except in a front row seat
Never gonna be the raving beauty
My momma thought I'd be
Never gonna write that novel
Never be a homecoming queen
Never gonna be a supermodel
On the cover of a magazine

But all these things don't matter in the light of things to come
'cause baby, you are my moon and I am your sun, oh!

You make me feel like a star, oh baby
You say stay, baby stay
Just the way you are
And tell me girl you're fine
And you will shine
Forever in my heart
That's why you, yeah you
You make me feel like a star.

Maybe I'm not the girl next door
Who waves at you and smiles
Maybe I'm not a partygirl
But don't I drive you wild
Baby, the way you see me
Is the way that it should be
Feelin' like I'm something special
Seven days a week

And the only thing that matters when the day is done
Is that you are my moon, and I am your sun, oh!

You make me feel like a star, oh baby
You say stay, baby stay
Just the way you are
And tell me girl, you're fine
And you will shine
Forever in my heart
That's why you, yeah you

You make me feel like
Everyday's my birthday
Every night's a dream
Oh, and when you kiss me
I melt just like ice cream.

Never gonna be a Charlie's Angel
Never gonna be a saint
But you love me for all I am
And everything I ain't oh!

You make me feel like a star, oh baby
You say stay, baby stay
Just the way you are
And tell me girl, you're fine
And you will shine
Forever in my heart
That's why you, yeah you
You make me feel like a star.

You make me feel like a star
Shinin' bright in your eyes
And I'll always be your life
Shinin' bright in your eyes
And I'll always be your light
You make me feel like a star
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